EtherPay Inc.


Introducing EtherPay, the first cross border payment processor leveraging on one of the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world, Ethereum.

One of the most commonly faced problems in the crypto world is how to radically reduce the complexity of handling cryptocurrency. EtherPay solves this problem through several end user layers including a mobile wallet and a debit card. EtherPay is cheap, transparent, mobile and trustworthy. EtherPay is set to revolutionize electronic payment for the 250 million online gateway payment users worldwide.

EtherPay was founded in 2018 to allow merchants to accept Ethereum (“ETH”), the crypto currency for payments. In addition to offering merchant processing, EtherPay also provide multi-signature wallets and a EtherPay debit card which allows users to instantly convert ETH into USD. EtherPay provide services available for use in all jurisdiction where not prohibited by law.

EtherPay enters the playing field by providing consumers a frictionless experience to send money globally using the power of EPAY network. By joining EtherPay’s growing global network, merchants can process their customers’ payments with ease, anywhere in the world instantly, reliably and cost effectively. With every transaction made on EtherPay, either through card or wallet, a processing fee of 0.88% will be charged to you using EPAY. EtherPay will allow businesses to accept Ethereum payments by instantly processing the payments that are settled directly with their banks.

EtherPay’s retail, e-commerce and billing tools will allow businesses to accept Ethereum payments from customers everywhere and anywhere around the world. Merchants can use EtherPay’s Point of Sale (POS) tool to create a faster and more convenient checkout experience for customers. They can also receive settlement from Ethereum payments directly into their bank account in their home currency, with zero price volatility or risk.


We can be reached via email at [email protected].