Save on transactions costs through the use of EPAY tokens

All payment transactions initiated will be subjected to a processing fee which must be paid using EPAY tokens. EPAY developed EPAY tokens to help you save on transaction costs and shielding you from foreign exchange risk.

EPAY Token is the signature virtual token of EPAY Inc. EPAY Token is an Ethereum-based token that allows users to receive a discount for any processing fees on EPAY. With every transaction made on EPAY, either through card or wallet, a processing fee of 0.88% will be charged. This processing fee must be paid using EPAY tokens.

EPAY tokens will enable users to have a specific currency to pay for expenses rather than be forced to deduct them from their main Ethereum balance. Users can also choose to sell it to other users of EPAY.

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Crowdfunding for the next innovative project

EPAYFund is a cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding platform that is designed using the latest blockchain technology. The platform aims to create a self-regulating community of creative individuals. EPAYFund is determined to overcome the many obstacles that currently exist in the crowdfunding industry today, such as high fees, the need to have an existing budget, and the fact that payments can get cancelled and in the end the project does not get funded.

EPAYFund envisions a new crowdfunding economy where both big and small projects can get funding, by creating a crowdfunding platform that emphasizes real value for users, better communication and better accessibility. It aims to improve the crowdfunding industry using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Today’s crowdfunding model restricts certain people from participating. Crowdfunding websites are not available to people worldwide, while traditional venture capital firms are accessible only to a privileged group of people.

EPAYFund aims to match worthy projects from around the globe to decentralized funding. The platform wants to be the most effective way for project creators to reach a broad audience, as well as the most efficient way for potential backers to find, understand and fund projects. EPAY wants to solve these problems by making it easy for creative individuals to access decentralized funding.

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